About UpPotential

Over the course of our lives, all of us experience a variety of changes and experiences. These changes can sometimes cause us to feel stress and anxiety, resulting from internal or external causes. Often, a little pressure can improve our performance. However, we all have differing reactions and coping abilities when faced with stress; too much pressure may negatively affect our performance, and our daily lives.

At all stages of life, from youth through to old age, we are subject to many different expectations which can cause us stress and anxiety, sometimes in subtle, ‘invisible’ ways. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes we may not know what to do or where to turn for help. Anxiety resulting from unfulfilled expectations can rapidly expand to overwhelming levels and lead to personal or societal tragedies like suicide, violence, abuse or abnormal behavior. Internally, anxiety can lead to health issues with physical effects such as high blood pressure, cancer, migraines and other diseases.

Knowledge and understanding of our problems can bring change and new learning to our lives. Everyone needs to understand how anxiety is caused by stress and learn what they can cope with and what they cannot. Many people are reluctant to tell others about their problems. Because of the issue of ‘face’, they do not want to be seen as ‘sick’ or ‘weak’. But family, friends and colleagues need to move beyond ‘face’ and learn to try to recognise and understand problems arising from anxiety and stress, to be supportive, and to help resolve these problems.

UpPotential.com is an educational website, accessible to people of all ages and genders. The purpose of this website is to help people learn coping skills and manage the stress arising from anxiety and other life pressures.

This website provides information about mental wellness, effective techniques and strategies including lessons, assessment and analysis of personal profiles and tele –tea parties. Website services and applications are broad-based and do not require technical knowledge. The aim is to create low-cost, easy-to-access services which will benefit the general public.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams. This belief is expressed in our theme song:

No more fear, no more tears
Learn with wisdom all we care
Hope and Love are all we will find
The spring of body, mind and spirit

UpPotential walks with you to success