Professor Martin C. S. Wong

Professor Martin Wong is Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Public Health and Community and Family Medicine. He is engaged in teaching, consultation, administration and research work.

He has a history of two decades of voluntary social work and care for the chronically ill and disadvantaged in Hong Kong and the Mainland starting from when he was still in high school.  Whilst in medical school, he visited children with leukemia and wrote medical books which he distributed to patients as gifts. Professor Wong moved from being a volunteer at the Hong Kong Regeneration Society to Chairman of its Steering and Executive Committee. Regeneration volunteer services target patients with cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and physical disability. He is committed to promoting long term patient care and services overseeing over more than one hundred patients in the Mutual Care Group. He was Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for eight consecutive years.

Dr. Wong founded the "Hong Kong Association of Health Care Professional Seminar" (the Association) in 2003. The Association has more than one hundred and fifty health care professionals working with chronically ill patients and their families to achieve full personal spiritual care. Under Dr. Wong’s leadership, the Association is planning to recruit more medical staff committed to enhancing patients’ long-term care, mental awareness and aspirations, as part of the Association’s care policy to the community.