Peng Gang Ai, Director

Peng Gang Ai, Director of the Guangdong Provincial Health Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs, responsible for Hospital Administration and Summary Drug Regulation.

Director Peng received a Bachelor of Nursing from Zhongshan Medical University and a Master of Public Health degree from Southern Medical University. She has combined both administration and academic interests in nursing throughout her career. In 1980, she served as Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Military Region Medical College Department of Nursing, and as an Associate Professor at First Military Medical University.

From 2001 to 2010 she was responsible for the province’s nursing management and hospital infection control and created the Guangdong Branch of the Hospital Association of Care Management in conjunction with the Guangdong Provincial Health Department Bureau of Medical Affairs. She is also the vice-chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Center and part-time professor of Nursing Education. From July 2010, Director Pang has been responsible for pharmaceutical regulation and monitoring in the Guangdong Provincial Health Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Hospital Pharmacy.

Director Peng has published dozens of treatises on nurse training, care management and the creation of forward-looking quality care management systems. This interest led to a joint Hong Kong-Guangdong project to develop specialist nursing training which ran from 2007 to 2010.This project selected 14 specialties and sent 614 specialist nurses to Hong Kong for extended training and joint co-operation.