Shirley Loo, MH, JP.

Ms Shirley Loo is a well-known Family Development Foundation, general secretary. In 2005, she was awarded the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Medal of Honour and in 2008 she was appointed Justice of the Peace, and the recognition as a senior parent-child and women educator.

Ms Loo has been especially active in community family projects. Her current appointments are with Action Committee Against Narcotics Education and Publicity Sub-Committee (ACAN), the Family Council and the Education Committee. A prolific writer, Ms Loo’s recent works are “My parents true colours,” “Could not bear you flying,” "Love ‧ finishing school life", “Could not bear you growing up” (2005 Hong Kong Book Fair Book Critics Award) and “Sweet and sour Life” (2006 Hong Kong Book Fair Book Critics Award), etc. Ms. Loo writes a regular column in the Hong Kong Economic Times and has contributed to “Times Forum,” “Angel Heart” and “Country Newspaper Renaissance.” As a writer, radio and TV host, social and family structure commentator, Ms Loo adds her sharp insight and perspective on Hong Kong’s changing family and social trends.