Van Iat Kio, Florence

Professor Van is the current President of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (formerly Kiang Wu Nursing and Midwifery School) and a Registered Nurse of the Macau Special Administrative Region. Professor Van obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Post-Registration Diploma in Health Care Education (Nursing) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and her Master of Educational Psychology from the University of Macau.

Professor Van has held numerous important positions at the Government’s policy-making level as an advisor and consultant:

  • member of “Comissão Consultiva para os Assuntos das Mulheres” of Macau
  • member of “Comissão de Luta contra a Droga” of Macau
  • President of the Executive Committee of Obra das Mães, Macau
  • Vice-President of the Nurses Association of Macau

providing valuable suggestions and contributions in the fields of education, medical services, services for the elderly and development of women, etc.