Little PO is your best friend and will always be with you on your journey of self-help and learning, showing you the way to handle pressure and anxiety.

No more fear, no more tears
Learn with wisdom all we care
Hope and Love are all we will find
The spring of body, mind and spirit

Little PO can help in different ways:

  • Little PO is a loyal friend always at your side, stubbornly persisting. Break the shackles of anxiety together with him to create physical and mental health.
  • Little PO is your faith and strength, a symbol of your spiritual pillar.
  • Little PO is your individual potential. Through this course, a small potential for growth will gradually develop into even more (unlimited) potential.
Little PO story

Little PO is on a light-hearted leisurely afternoon stroll through the scenic countryside when he inadvertently enters the UpPotentialand.

UpPotentialand is beautiful and the birds singing and the flowers blooming are very attractive. This makes Little PO even more curious and he continues to look deeper into the park.

Little PO finds that UpPotentialand is connected to the sea. He comes up to the beach shoreline and excitedly looks out at aWonderland.

Little PO makes friends with a big whale. They tour the great sea together. During the tour, they suddenly come upon a small golden fish with a pair of wings. The golden fish guides them to a place below at the bottom of the sea.

In this underwater world, Little PO is surrounded by various different kinds of fish and is very happy and excited. The small golden fish continues to lead Little PO to tour the bottom of the sea.

Finally, the golden fish leads Little PO to an underwater cave. In the center of the cave, there is a big pair of unique shiny wings hanging in the branches of a tree.

Little PO is able to reach those big wings and takes them from the tree branches to wear on his back. At last, Little Po has reached its dream of a long time: to have wings and be able to fly.

Moral: As long as we believe and trust that each individual has their own potential, we can create a better tomorrow for ourselves.