• "Tele-Tea party" uses modern technology to set up a tea party. Participants listen to the views of others as well as sharing information and experiences relating to anxiety and stress. Participants can air their heartfelt feelings and support each other to get out of the woods of stress.
  • Tele-tea party discussions are led by facilitators. Discussion topics focus on daily lives and stress related concerns. Open discussions can help participants to clarify their feelings and actions, and to learn from shared experiences.
  • To ensure complete privacy and anonymity, “tele-tea party” participants' real names are kept confidential by using an alias instead of their true identity.
  • Before taking part in tele-tea party, sample recordings are available for members to listen and have a better understanding of the procedures and rules of tele-tea party.
  • Tele-tea party provides a platform to help one another to discuss thoughts and feelings, and aims to improve your physical and mental health.

System and Operation Guideline

  • Please log in the tele-tea party at least 15 minutes ahead of the schedule.
  • Participant must log in to the tele- tea party punctually and if delay is more than 15 minutes, their right as a participant would be disqualified. Participant can only be eligible as a sit in audience.
  • For the details of log in procedure, please refer to user instructions.
  • There will be five participants in each tele-tea party. The duration of each tele-tea party is an hour.
  • Each Tele-tea party will be led by a facilitator guiding the participants in sharing and participating in the meeting.
  • We provide different recorded tele-tea party's audios for listening and understanding of the operation.

Terms and Condition

  • Before the tele-tea party starts, facilitator will state the regulation as below:
  • If a participant makes any improper statements such as disrespecting or insulting another person, group or race, the facilitator can stop his/her speech by pressing the “MUTE” button. The facilitator will then repeat the rules of tele-tea party. That participant still able to listen to the discussion. When that participant understands and is willing to comply with the rules, he/she can press “Raise Hand” , then facilitator will give he/she a chance to speak again.
  • When discussion starts, the facilitator will state the topic of the discussion.
  • Facilitator will address participants with their nicknames and sort out the order to speak.
  • After each participant has had their share of about three to five minutes, the facilitator will allow other participants to respond or share their feelings. If the participant wants to speak, he/she will need to press “Raise Hand” and facilitator will arrange participant to speak. Please be noted that participants can only share personal feelings and experiences, induced comment is not allowed.
  • If participant is not ready to speak, he/she can say “please” so that the next person along can participate first.

Tele-tea party System Operation Requirement

  • Internet Explorer 6 or above / Firefox 3.x or above / Google Chrome
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Requires Sun Java 5 or higher
  • Recommend ActiveX be enabled for Internet Explorer
  • Intel or AMD processor (1GHz or faster)
  • At least 512 MB RAM (at least 2 GB RAM for Vista)
  • Netbooks running Windows XP also supported
  • Safari 4 or above / Firefox 3.x or above / Google Chrome
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Requires Apple Java 5 or higher
  • No support for Remote Access
  • Intel processor
  • At least 512 MB RAM
  • For Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) support, please see
  • Firefox 3.x or above
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Requires Sun Java 5 or higher
  • No support for Remote Access
  • At least 512 MB RAM