Lessons Content

Lesson one What, Why and How?

This lesson has the answers of the first two questions by exploring the cause of your stress and anxiety.

Lesson two Relaxation Exercises

This lesson introduces you to various relaxation exercises and options, including a description of the different relaxation techniques.

Lesson three Breathing Exercises

This lesson teaches breathing exercises to lessen the stress arising from panic and anxiety. Lesson content includes breathing exercise demonstration.

Lesson four Nutrition and Medication

This lesson discusses the importance of nutrition, including how to make the right food choices and which vitamin supplements to use.

Lesson five Positive Self Talk and Cognitive Behaviour Treatment

This lesson focuses on the ways we respond to emotions and feelings that have impact on us, and the importance of using affirmative and positive self-talk.

Lesson six Desensitization and Other Behaviourial Therapy

This lesson provides ways to overcome fear and phobia that affects our daily lives. The lesson teaches ways to use ‘virtual imagination’ and ‘real life desensitization therapies’, which will help transform overly sensitive feelings and negative thoughts into more positive thoughts and feelings.

Lesson seven Gratitude and Savoring

This lesson provides everyday tools for the individual to develop a thankful, positive and constructive attitude towards life.

Lesson eight Building Openness and Social Support.

This lesson teaches ways to become more confident, become more open to facing challenges and ways to create healthy self-esteem, while multiplying this effect through varies social support.

Lesson nine Meaning, Flow and Spirituality

This lesson discusses the importance of Flow and Spirituality in one’s life, and helps individuals build positive life goals and create meaning in life.

Lesson ten Good Sleep

This lesson provides guidelines and methods to improve sleep quality and quantity, and explains the importance of adequate sleep to physical and mental health.